“But any of them who ate the honey-sweet fruit of lotus was unwilling to take any message back, or to go away, but they wanted to stay there with the lotus-eating people, feeding on lotus, and forget the way home.” – The Odyssey

This blog began when I was living in Berkeley, California. It is inspired by my love for sunnier climes. For fresh produce and sweet air. For the mountains and oceans of my home town, Vancouver, which is also known as “Lotus Land”. By my constant desire to travel, and the places that have inspired me most throughout my journey in life: the Mediterranean, Latin America, and Morocco…lands where lemon trees grow. Though I now live in New York City, a place with an amazing food culture, my heart will always be somewhere under those lemon trees, drinking mint tea and eating pomegranates.

This is the blog’s origin, a bit out of date since I’m no longer in California (the objective stays the same, however!):

This blog is the result of many accidents…ones which not only brought me to Berkeley in the first place, but also set me loose upon its hills. With no car, no bicycle and only an unreliable infrequent bus to depend upon, I found myself walking instead — up and down the wooden staircases, gravel paths and stone steps that define pedestrian life here, past old hippie hideaways, civic art projects and terraced gardens, absorbing the sights, smells and tastes that make this one of the greatest food cities in America. My senses have been activated in new ways every day, from the sight of magnolias blossoming in January, to the smell of eucalyptus on the university campus, to the taste of Meyers Lemons hanging just outside my window. Among the Lotus Eaters is the result, a chronicle of my sensory adventures mostly found through food and walking, here in the land of the Lotus Eaters.

As for me, myself, I’m Ellen. Besides being food-obessed, I also write, compose music and do a lot of travel photography. You can check all of this stuff out at ambiguoustraveller.wordpress.com !


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