Inspiration at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden


Spring is in full swing here. The days are becoming very long, and the sun has been out in full force almost every day. For the past week, the temperatures have all been above 23 degrees celsius (that’s about 74 for you Fahrenheit folk), making for good planting and growing. My recently planted basil is finally starting to become sturdy, and some of my other experiments (germinating mango and avocado seeds) are yet to be determined, though they will hopefully benefit from all the intense sunlight.

A few days ago, I went to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden for the first time, and was truly delighted to see plants there from all over the world. Besides the setting, which is fabulous in itself, the vegetation was abundant. It was inspiring to walk around the Asian herb garden, and the South American and Mediterranean gardens, contemplating what projects I might start, and of course, more importantly what dishes I might make with them. There are a lot of new projects coming soon as a result, including South Indian Lemon Pickle!










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