Strawberry, Persian Cucumber, Dill and Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese Spring Salad

This dish is so simple that it barely warrants a post! However, it is super delicious, refreshing, and an excellent way to enjoy the bounty of spring here in Northern California. I assembled most of the ingredients from the Monterey Market, one of the cheapest and most bounteous produce markets here in Berkeley, though the strawberries came from the Farmer’s Market. It was the end of the day, and they were on sale. I got three punnets for $5! Hooray for strawberries. And the cheese is one of my favourites, especially since it comes from Arcata, just a few hours up the coast. Humboldt Fog is different from  standard Goat cheese, because it is partially ripened. The outside is a pungent, runny delight, while the inside remains fresh. A most wonderful combination!


The salad can be made in just a few minutes.

Strawberry, Persian Cucumber, Dill and Goat Cheese Salad

A few handfuls of mesclun greens
6 strawberries
1/2 Persian cucumber
1 Tablespoon dill
Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese (as desired. I used around 1.5 tablespoons)

Wash and dry vegetables. Chop strawberries and cucumber into large chunks and mix with mesclun greens. Dice dill and mix into salad. Top it off with small chunks of Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese. For salad dressing, I used a simple red wine vinaigrette.



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