“Nutty Crackers” with Quinoa, Brown Rice, Almonds and Sunflower Seeds

There is no other way to describe these crackers except “nutty”. Firstly, they have nuts and seeds in them. Secondly, the quinoa is toasted for a “nutty” flavor, and thirdly you have to be a bit nutty to make them (this recipe is laborious!) Next time I’ll definitely make a double or triple batch instead!


These Nutty Crackers began as an experiment. I wanted to find a way to make the things I crave (snackable carbohydrates) healthier. In general I try to avoid bread and crackers and the like, but sometimes when I’m super hungry I’ll eat way more than I should. I wanted to have something healthier on hand that I could eat instead, that would still be yummy. Thankfully these crackers turned out really well!

Nutty Crackers

1 cup raw quinoa, rinsed
1 cup cooked brown rice
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
1/3 cup flaked almonds
1.5 cups of water
2 dashes of olive oil
Himalayan salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven for 400c (if using convection. If not, set it about 25 degrees lower.)

Toast the quinoa, almonds and sunflower seeds for a few minutes separately in a hot dry pan, stirring frequently. Make sure not to burn them. Place half of the quinoa, nuts, seeds and rice in a blender with half  of the water. Blend until as smooth as possible (I tried originally to do this in a food processor, but the quinoa did not break down. If you have a better food processor than me, however, you can probably do the whole thing in the food processor). Put the other half of the quinoa, almonds, seeds and rice in a food processor. Add olive oil, salt (doesn’t have to be Himalayan, I just used that because I was given some) and black pepper. Pour the liquid from the blender on top, and blend in the food processor. The mixture should be almost like peanut butter, smooth and thick, with some quinoa seeds still visible.

Line a flat baking sheet with parchment paper. Using a spatula, spread out half the mixture very thinly, getting as close to the edges as you can. Smooth it with an offset pastry spatula if you have one (dip it in a little water if it sticks). Repeat with another sheet and the other half of the mixture.


Bake in the oven for approximately 13 minutes. The mixture should be cooked through, a bit crisp on the edges and still a bit soft in the middle. Using a knife or pizza cutter, cut into crackers while still soft. Remove the parchment and rearrange the crackers so their sides do not touch. Bake for about another 3 minutes, until they are crisp (or almost there. They will stiffen in the cooling process.) Take crackers out of the oven to cool. Enjoy!


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