Post-run Strawberry, Clementine and Hemp Seed Smoothie


I’ve been craving a smoothie for a few days. I finally got around to making one this morning, after I returned from my first run in ages. In general I far prefer hiking, walking or team sports as forms of exercise, but disturbing quiverings in my belly region have finally motivated me to start running regularly again. The others simply do not provide enough regular heartrate-raising activity to burn fat. We’ll see how long this lasts.

This smooth is a classic, as it is born of two very common desires: to use things up, and to ingest things I would otherwise find unpalatable (but I know are good for me).

It’s the beginning of strawberry season here in California, which means that we’re finally seeing normal looking berries on the shelves and street corners. You know what I mean. They’re not grotesquely oversized, and they’re a rich red colour all the way through. They don’t look like they’ve been gassed to death in an industrial sweat-filled chamber somewhere in the Central Valley. So far their taste still can’t compare to the fresh-picked berries I grew up eating every June from U-pick farms in southern British Columbia. There’s something to be said for real seasons, when it comes to produce, especially berries. However, they’re pretty damn good for April, and work especially well in smoothies, which negate any issues to do with texture or level of sweetness.

The other fruit I used was a clementine, my least favourite kind of the mandarin orange (I have always preferred the loose-skinned sweeter variety of Christmas stockings and December countdowns). However, it was the only other fruit I had, so in it went too. Finally, I added milk, which I have always disliked on its own (but I know is filled with nutrients that are good for me), and organic hemp seeds, given to me two months ago and which have been sitting on the shelf ever since. I didn’t know what to do with them, but having read that they were something of a superfood, rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and all essential amino acids, it seemed like a good opportunity to check them out. This is a blog about Berkeley, after all! Ironically, though, despite the fact that there are no measurable levels of THC in hemp seeds, it’s still illegal to grow them in most parts of the US, including California. These seeds are a product of Canada.


Strawberry, Clementine and Hemp Seed Smoothie

7 medium strawberries
1 clementine
2/3 cup milk
1 tablespoon organic Hemp Seeds
ice cubes

Assemble ingredients in blender and blend. Add ice cubes depending on desired thickness. I only added 3. Enjoy.



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